Board Meeting notes: Aug 2, 2011

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Board Meeting notes: Aug 2, 2011

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Preservation SOS Board Meeting
August 2, 2011

Members in attendance:
N. Lopez, G. DeVall, J. Ullrich, J. Maberry, K. Stremitzer, C Campbell, D. Thompson, A. Stremitzer, J. Markusic

Non Profit Status:
Paperwork is complete, money has been collected, and it’s now a matter of reviewing and then submitting.

Committee Reports

Make It Happen: The event at Oscar’s house went very well, with over 50 volunteers. The prep work was completed during the days ahead of the actual event. It was noted that by posting a specified list of items needed prior to the event, resulted in having all materials needed.

All board members were in favor and agreed that it would be best to have only one ‘make it happen’ event per year. This allows the board members to focus on the preservation aspects and working towards the ratification of the mothball ordinance.

Beautification: No scheduled events, however non scheduled work has been ongoing such as: mowing vacant lots and block/alley clean ups. A meeting notice will be posted to hold a meeting in September.

Neighbor to Neighbor: The assistance requested to help an elderly resident relocate, was successful. It was noted that this is not and should not become what PSOS’s mission and purpose is, yet the assistance was given.

There was discussion as to the possibility of showing support to our military neighbors by helping those households. It was decided that it would be best to offer such assistance (minor repairs/painting or mowing) can be done as individuals and not as PSOS.

Policy and Preservation: The mothball ordinance has passed two city departments, and deferred by the third, which is a major step in seeing this through to validation. The next hurdle is passage by City Council. It would then proceed to the office of the Mayor. This ordinance is vital to preservation of the structures within the historic district.
Discussions concerning the ongoing demolitions by the city, with the Patterson structure lost; and others that are in jeopardy of being lost. Given the critical situation of continued demolitions by the city, PSOS board members are considering filing an appeal in an effort to revisit structure(s) slated for demolition.

Treasurer: There is currently $1068.00 in the account.

Moving Forward: General consensus that PSOS must remain focused on the core mission; preservation and continued work with the city to pass the mothball proposal.

There is also the need for fund raising. PSOS should have a booth at SACARC’s Dog Days in the Park event on September 24, 2011. A venue in which to raise money via T-shirt and cookbook sales.
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