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Post by iloveionia » Mon May 02, 2011 9:16 pm

1. Sent Joan a package with 100 business cards and 75 double sided flyers. These were meant for the home tour table in the women's club. However, use them as you see fit. Debbie, I think you said you had the tablecloth and other SOS loot? Tablecloth and heart stickes would be needed. Who is overseeing the table? Is there some group sharing going on? Should I ask Christina to keep certain tables close?

2. HPC Awards. Thursday. Have fun. I did talk with Lisa Sheppard, she was writing up the awards and she said she was using information from the original blogs to describe Make it Happen. I offered to email her some info too, and did that. It seemed like she/someone will speak about why are being awarded and what Make it Happen is. I hate being on the receiving end of this formal kind of crap. But I am happy to receive the "crap." LOL. Don't forget to chest beat Gloria and post a picture of the group receiving the award. I did RSVP for everyone ('cept Cathy who said she couldn't make it.) Johannes, you've got business cards printed for this, correct? This is where Debbie expressed that the reception part is good for networking. Work it, like the he-hos used to on the Boulevard, and get us some moolah. Do you think Kim Scott will be there? LMAO. Right.

3. Still no Make it Happen house for this summer. After the home tour and relay for life I'll post on the blogs again. I'm not going to force it. It there's a house, there is a house. Plenty of guerrilla gardening to do in the hood. Plus I'd like to complete the cookbook too.

4. Let's not forget our discussion about the Market Street donated house. I get the jist, but we didn't really talk about it as much as I would have liked.

5. Love all of you!!
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Re: Housekeeping

Post by Gloria » Tue May 03, 2011 5:16 am

And we need to get into 1325 Laura. The lawyer gave us permission, we just need to notify him that we are going. Crispy has the contact info. If we don't do that before next HPC meeting, we look like morons.

Oh, and I"ll chest beat alright!!

As far as the house give-away, this could come up several times. I don't see why we shouldn't do it. If we are nervous, we could have a Preservation SOS "holding company" like Mack did. Not everyone on the board needs to be involved in the holding company, but it is a great opportunity to hold on to the houses.

That being said, I don't have terribly strong feelings either way. And I don't have money to lend or renovate, just some muscle and occasionally some time.
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