Basic Process For Structure Demolition

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Basic Process For Structure Demolition

Post by AlexS » Mon Aug 30, 2010 5:36 pm

On 2/21/2008 Elaine Lancester and Robert Protto were guest speakers at a SPAR General meeting to explain the demolition process. I have scanned the handout provided and run it through OCR.

Environmental and Compliance Department
Municipal Code Compliance Division

Basic Process For Structure Demolition

- Determination made by Supervisor that structure meets criteria for demolition processing.
- Supervisor refers property to HPC for approval.
- If approved by HPC, Supervisor refers property to abstract clerk who orders title.
- When title received, a notice of demolition processing is sent to all identified owners and interested parties.
- Re-inspection is conducted after 30 days.
- If no change in condition of structure, property is referred to abstract clerk for advertising, and to contracting to start the bid process through procurement average time 30 to 45 days.
- Following advertisement and bid process, a final ten day notice is sent to owners and interested parties.
- lf no response from owner, or change in property conditions, case is referred to Office of General Council for Attorney approval.
- Following Attorney approval, case is sent to contracting where a work order is initiated and sent to contractor.
- Green sign is posted (comment added by Alex)
- Contractor normally completes demolition and clean up within 30-45 days from receipt of work order.

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