Blight Bill 140+ Houses to be Demolished Letter

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Re: Blight Bill $12 MILLION FROM FEDS

Post by rcsolano » Fri Jul 31, 2015 4:02 pm

I recently received a message from SPAR which highlighted the wonderful reduction in crime in the area as reported by the Jacksonville Sheriffs Office. Apparently we pay cops to work overtime assignments and do what they should be doing during their normal tour of duty. Why is it that the overtime cops make the arrests that the regular duty cops fail to see? In the same article it goes on to report all of the crime of opportunity and social vandalism that is happening in our side of town. Numerous is what I call it, and embarrassing for any police dept.

Item of intrigue is why there is no mention of the $12 million dollar federal grant to Jacksonville to deal with the "blight problem" we have in Springfield. This in the committee of City Councilman Jones. Mr. Joel MaKechen(sic), the head of historic preservation for the city of Jacksonville has also re-written the definition of historic home, this to make it airtight, and they will be making determinations as to who will be fined next for not maintaining compliance with the Historic Preservation Ordinances. It sounds like a cash cow for the city and nothing for the community. Has anyone noticed how affluent the offices of the Historic Preservation Commission have become? Maybe this is something that SPAR might be interested in investigating and reporting back to the community. We have a cancer in our midst and it's festering. It goes by the name of incompetent city government. New sidewalks all around the new courthouse extending two blocks out, where there is little to no pedestrian traffic., and during the time of the mayoral election. How appropriate! I've been calling for 3 years for sidewalk repairs in front of my house and no response yet. I currently have an issue that I am contesting with the city over a roof that I replaced, for which a permit was issued and they are refusing to acknowledge that I did nothing wrong, they made the mistake. Why don't we investigate and support those folks that are improving their homes and want to live in the area instead of siding with the city over their misplaced policies, lack of foresight, and poor administration. Mayors come and go, city council members come and go, police chiefs are a dime a dozen, and no one improves a singular issue that we can applaud and take pride in. Maybe we should have Southern Living Magazine to do a follow up on their story of a couple of years ago and let them see the lies that they were fed when writing the story. Springfield could be a wonderful place to live, instead it is a ghetto. Why no penalties or fines in Riverside, or Brooklyn where new construction is popping up all over the place without regard for the architectural significance or meaning to the "HISTORIC DISTRICT"
What a sham......

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Re: Blight Bill 140+ Houses to be Demolished Letter

Post by iloveionia » Sun Aug 02, 2015 1:27 am

Spfld is easy pickings as Gloria says.
Proximity and poverty.
Plus a history of the "wild wild west" that's hard to shake.
Frustrates all of us.
Nicole Lopez

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Re: Blight Bill 140+ Houses to be Demolished Letter

Post by JaxUnicorn » Wed Aug 05, 2015 12:17 pm

rcsolano, I hear you and feel your pain. We've been fighting the COJ for years now and we've made some progress.

I'm curious to know about the $12M grant. What kind of grant was it? When was it awarded? Do you know where we can find out more information?

Thanks for speaking up...we're with you on the frustration level.
~Kim Pryor
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