Sunshine Law Violations

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Sunshine Law Violations

Post by JaxUnicorn » Tue Dec 03, 2013 8:38 pm

Apparently the City of Jacksonville has been in trouble before regarding violating the Sunshine Law. From Wikipedia:
In late 2007, a Grand Jury announced that it would probe alleged Sunshine Law violations by the Jacksonville City Council. While the Grand Jury found numerous instances of violation of the law, they decided against issuing any indictments when they issued their final report in January 2008.[4]
Here is the link to the newpaper article referenced in the above quote: ... 7300.shtml

I believe that the City of Jacksonville is once again violating the Sunshine Law by not providing the information that PSOS has been requesting. Over and over again our requests for information have been delayed, and when we do receive information, it is not complete or they inundate us with information that was not requested, or is not related at all.

One small example is my request for all information pertaining to the demolition of the Myers home on Myrtle Avenue. A 'checklist' provided as a result of my request had a box marked that a video recording of the home/property/demolition (not sure what) was made, yet that was not provided to me. Perhaps I did not word my request properly. I've attached a copy of the request. Or perhaps the video is included as an attachment in one of the over 4,000 emails they provided to me. I just don't know......
Myrtle 1504 Public Records Req 2014-5000206.docx
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