PSOS: Hearts and Our Houses

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PSOS: Hearts and Our Houses

Post by iloveionia » Mon Jul 15, 2013 8:15 pm

From January 21, 2013:

It was brought to our attention recently that we aren’t taking care of our houses. That the grass is overgrown, there’s trash, and the house in conversation is just a mess and ignored. Perplexed, the complaint actually made total sense once the details emerged.

So here’s how it goes.

PSOS owns legally by title the following homes: 436 Walnut Court, 229 E. 2nd Street, and 8 of the Dancy Terrace (Redell Street) bungalows. We “sold” the original Walnut Court (423 Walnut Court), and are currently transferring ownership of 1540 Clark Street. We DID own a dozen houses, we soon will own only 10.

But what about all those other houses that adorn hearts all over them you ask? Ahhh. Those. Now I see the confusion. Over the past two years PSOS has worked diligently to contact and build positive relationships with absentee owners. In a few cases we have found success (hence becoming owners of 12 homes, helping to sell and/or transfer ownership of 2 others and encouraging mothballing for another.) In other cases we’ve hit a rock-solid block wall (a lesson about Tarpon LLC could occur here.) So we figured if “they” (absentee owners) won’t be responsible, then we will, and we go out and do it ourselves, that being triage board an open window or door and/or do some general clean-up around the house.

So. Just because a Springfield neglected home has a heart on it, doesn’t mean we own it. We just love it, want to protect it, and want to keep neighbors around it safe. That’s all. We have no magic wands or miracles to pull out of our pockets to make the home loved and pretty again (in a restoration way), just a little love and attention to say “this place matters.” It reminds me of a story I was once told about 423 Walnut Court. The demo company with the contract to demolish the home went out to look at it and was perplexed as to why it was slated for demolition. You see, there were several hearts and paintings of love and protection gracing the home, and the contractor stated to the city something like “Are you sure I’m supposed to tear this down? It looks like somebody loves this house.” Indeed many of us did, and low and behold that love saved Walnut Court.

We understand not everyone is game for taking care of someone else’s responsibility (i.e. a neglected home) and that’s quite alright. But (sorry, couldn’t end without it,) if everyone (and so many people already do) took a few extra minutes to “clean-up” after others and love just a little bit more something neglected, we would show even stronger the love we all have for our little gem of a historic neighborhood.

It’s always been about saving the houses.

Heart + Love = Preservation

Update July 15, 2013: We have fostered along Clark Street, and both Walnut Courts. We only currently own 2nd Street and Dancy Terrace.
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