6.24.12 Get-Together Meeting Minutes

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6.24.12 Get-Together Meeting Minutes

Post by iloveionia » Sun Jun 24, 2012 6:04 pm

Debbie, Nicole, Johannes, Joe, Gloria, Hailing
Here is what we talked about in no order.

1. Nicole is going to write 2 proposals to EPIC (Lisc money through ONH) for 2 projects. A) $600 Make it Happen B) $1200 mothballing 2nd Street I will submit well prior to their July 9th meeting in hopes for immediate help.

2. We will start Dancy Terrace mothball on approximately Wednesday this week. Nicole is going to set up a plan for completion by "assigning" (really getting volunteers) to take care of a wall (there are four exterior walls at Dancy.) The assigned wall peeps will be responsible for painting the siding, trim, and black window boards (including sashes.)

3. Nicole will pay one of Gloria's guys to go down to 2nd Street and cut back all the overgrowth on and around the property.

4. Joe will take on the roof/2nd floor burned room at Alannah's. The rest of us are responsible for clean-out and boarding the windows. We won't tackle Alannah's until after Dancy Terrace is done. I will pick up keys from Alannah tomorrow.

5. Will contact Clark Street to accept the donation tomorrow from the owner. Yard clean up can happen anytime. I have a lawn mower and week wacker and my house is right behind this property through the alley. Will require interior clean up (dumpster) and boarding the windows proper and painting black. The house exterior does not need paint.

6. Debbie is going to hold Cathy down for a few minutes and support Cathy by taking on the books (aka bank accounts.) Johannes said that a google spreadsheet would be good then we could all see the income/expenses and not have to ask a million times the questions that we can seek the answers to ourselves.

7. Gloria talked about moving forward keeping track of what we each individually donate. Not our time, but cash. Then down the road we could "cash in" on a property if we were interested and it was time to unload. Meaning, for example. If we determined the fair market value for Alannah's house was $5,000 after mothballing, and I had personally donated $1000 to PSOS/TPM in cash, and I was interested in buying Alannah's house, it would only cost me $4000 as I would use my $1000 to "cash out."

8. We will move forward with a birthday party for Springfield's Oldest Living Resident: July 8 is her actual birthday and she will be 102 years old. Marc is interviewing a niece this week and will provide further details. I think if I ask nice and give a flyer/bio I can get Sweet Pete's, Three Layers, and Tres Leches to donate some sweets for her birthday. I can buy the cheap Walmart wine and plastic cups and I can advertise that people wear birthday hats adnbring noise makers. We sing to her, I'll give her some plants for her yard or porch and we'll go on our merry way. Hopefully after we party on the curb folks will join over to Dancy for a flashmob clean-up. She was a candidate for Make it Happen, that's why we are supporting this.

9. Debbie talked to Alicia about the candystore possibility for the make it happen. That won't work out, it seems like she is a renter and some other sideways details. We will move forward with Hailing's nomination for Miss Maddie on Walnut Street (1800 Block) While we are in no condition time wise to complete a make it happen, we have to for PR reasons. This will be a "get in, get on, get off" date on July 21 as previously calendared. She is a resident in need, but doesn't have code violations.

Have I omitted anything? Not intentional. Please add.
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Re: 6.24.12 Get-Together Recap

Post by Chris Wickersham » Sun Jun 24, 2012 6:08 pm

All sounds wonderful, really sorry I couldn't make it, out of town for my dad's birthday. But sounds like we're accomplishing wonderful things!

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Re: 6.24.12 Get-Together Recap

Post by Gloria » Sun Jun 24, 2012 6:39 pm

You totally wrapped it up sister!

(Except Elijah and Ripple were there too).
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