Special Meeting notes for 11/2/11

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Special Meeting notes for 11/2/11

Post by jbm32206 » Sun Nov 06, 2011 6:38 pm

Special Membership Meeting
Notes for November 2, 2011

Attended by: Nicole Lopez, Gloria Devall, Joe Markusic, Cathy Campbell, Debbie Thompson, Johannes Ullrich, Karla Stremitzer, Alex Stremitzer, Marggie Feldmann, Joan Maberry, Marc McCullough,
Chris Wickersham

Committee Reports:

Beautification: There's been no scheduled events/projects to report on, instead the focus has been on mowing at vacant houses, corners and CROWs in an effort to keep code enforcement from further citations

Make it Happen: It was decided that there be only 1 event per year, as not to tax the volunteers. July 21,2012 next Make it Happen. Taking nominations for houses via email.

Mothballing/Policy: ordinance has passed, however there is now the issue of CM Schellenburg’s proposed ‘sunset clause” that could virtually destroy the good that the new ordinance creates. Though it remains in LUZ, the fight to oppose this continues.

The vacant property on Liberty has been boarded, as requested by M. Searle.

G. Devall will be meeting with CM Gaffney, to keep him abreast of the ongoing efforts of PSOS and mothballing.

A building permit will be obtained and applied to Walnut Ct, for temp bracing, and other issues will be addressed.

There are 13-15 houses listed on the formal track for demolition by code enforcement. However, as of 11/2/11, there is an actual moratorium set by the COJ in the form of a 120 day hold on said demolitions, in order for the city to contact owners of properties on list.

There was discussion as to how PSOS will become a CDC

There was also discussion and proposal to change bylaws; to allow for online/electronic meetings, to remove reference to ‘Roberts Rules’, increase board member term(s) and potential membership fees

Treasurer: Current balance is $807.50

The next general board meeting will be held on 11/16/11, at which time the board members can vote on any proposed changes and additions to the bylaws.
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