Board Meeting Notes for 1/15/11

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Board Meeting Notes for 1/15/11

Post by jbm32206 » Mon Jan 17, 2011 1:29 pm

Preservation SOS Board Meeting Notes for 1/15/11

Members in attendance:
N. Lopez, G. DeVall, J. Ullrich, J. Maberry, K. Stremitzer

Results of Board of Directors election (12/15-16/2010)
President: Nicole Lopez
Vice President: Gloria DeVall
Treasurer: Cathy Campbell
Secretary: Joan Maberry
Board Members: Karla Stremitzer, Johannes Ullrich

Miss Maggies Make it Happen (update): Regretfully, the dog owned by a family member was removed by AC&C, owner must now appear in court. SACARC was asked to provide proof of medical treatment donated.

Legal Issues: It was suggested that SOS request that owners of homes that are involved in Make It Happen events, sign agreement to not sell the residence, once work is completed. It was not decided as to a time frame. Board members want to ensure that the ‘makeovers’ are not a motivating factor for the owner to then sell the house. The issue will be revisited at a future board meeting.

Make It Happen: It was decided to hold two events per calendar year. The board members would like to hold the next event during the summer of 2011. Suggestions for this event will be taken and selected according to the overall need and capabilities to complete the task.

Community Involvement: It was discussed, as to the importance of continued support of other organizations, and to also work towards maintaining name recognition of Preservation SOS. It is important to educate the community as to who we are, what we do, strengthen our credibility as a community resource.

To this, board members agree to:
• Attend meetings of other organizations, in show of support and eagerness to work together towards the common good of the community as a whole.
• Continued participation in events sponsored by other organizations (ie: Chilli cook-off, Dog Days in the Park, SPAR home tours/festivals, RAM market)

HPC: It was agreed that attendance to these meetings is of great importance, to maintain awareness of structures that are and become ‘at risk’ of being deemed unsafe and/or endangered via code enforcement. Such information will not only maintain visibility as a community resource, and perhaps lead towards contacting those homeowners to offer assistance (ie: information and other resources available to help them reach code compliance, and information as to mothballing.)

1325 Laura Street is a structure at risk of demolition, further information needed as to the official status.

We Care: It was agreed that the 'We Care' hotline number will be posted on other forums, to help neighbors (when possible) with concerns that would otherwise be forwarded to code enforcement

Beautification committee: A meeting will be scheduled for February, to make plans for the next project. The 1600 block of Ionia is a possibility.

Board Meeting Notes: It was agreed that board meeting notes will be made public, and posted on the Preservation SOS forum.

Misc Items: With trash throughout the neighborhood a real issue, it was suggested that the board look into locating a source(s) to help fund the hiring of someone that could help clean up.
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