Meeting Minutes 1.29.17

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Meeting Minutes 1.29.17

Post by iloveionia » Sun Jan 29, 2017 4:20 pm

Present: Nicole Lopez, Kim Pryor, Johannes Ullrich, Debbie Thompson Joe Markusic, Gloria Devall, Doug Nichols
Meeting start: 6:30 p.m., meeting end: 7:30 p.m.

1. Bylaws update
Access Bylaws here: ... f=10&t=788
No changes

2. Board Member vote
Current Board Members:
Nicole Lopez, President
Kim Pryor, Vice President
Chris Wickersham, Vice President
Gloria DeVall, Secretary
Doug Nichols, Community Liaison

Vote is that all remains the same!

3. Small Community Grants
Debbie suggestion: Trautmann Great Race buying flowers in June - think about donating 1 of the grants to Trautmann - Nicole said she would give 100 bucks on behalf of PSOS and Debbie said she would help too
Roundabouts - something could be done with those if no one picks up grants
Nicole will change dates to reflect March/April for planting
Make suggestions for grants

4. Alley Clean-up
Doug talked about a March clean-up
The idea was that folks come out for community hours they need - Salvation Army - doesn't recognize us
We have to figure out how to get on their list
Alco House was contracted - but did not get involved
Gloria: probably need to do it with volunteers in the neighborhood
Courthouse list we could get on?
T-shirts to give out
Doug has supplies
Treat folks to lunch of some kind
Doug and Kim will work out the kinks

5. Non-profit paperwork (Dept. of Ag, Fed Taxes)
Fed = postcard
Don't have to worry if we have less than $50,000
Chris W. does sunbiz stuff? Nicole will verify.
Need to update board members on sunbiz - talk to Chris
Check on closing all the This Place Matters - Nicole will talk to Chris
Keep one open for possible donations

6. Treasure report
Only money movement is the $4000 for Laura Street
Deed was given directly to new owner - but he has not recorded yet.
Kim is working with Marco - thinks he will want to name it under a LLC
Nicole will get closing papers from Chris W. - transaction occurred in 2016
Kim - suggestion that closing packet be sent to the board as part of the closing process moving forward

7. Pressing Issues
Inspector General Update: Gloria 1st Street Demolition when the lawyer changed the order.
She was very interested at the time. Kim had additional information, Kim also talked to her.
Heard mid-December (Gloria) City said they were totally in their power. . . . . Gloria replied. . . .what about the fact that the lawyer changed to official order, nothing back. But they are on record so they know that WE know. Not certain we will hear anything back. Interium Director of Inspector General.
New Code Enforcement person is good - Neighborhoods
Doug - still contacting owners to get them to release properties
Everyone cheers when they see dumpsters - meaning work is being done! Property values going up - still have to be concerned of abandoned homes - but no one can talk about demo with a straight face
Suggestion to reach out to JWB for Walnut Court duplex (our original) as the roof is failing - Doug will contact them
Nicole Lopez

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