Meeting minutes June 19, 2014

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Meeting minutes June 19, 2014

Post by iloveionia » Wed Jul 02, 2014 7:21 pm

1. Our guest, Councilman Robin Lumb, presented the Lien Reduction Policy he’s been working on with us for several years. Councilman Lumb suggested we put any changes we would like to see in writing and submit to him.
2. We discussed with Councilman Lumb the concept of another auction where the city would foreclose on liens.
3.We expressed our deep concern for the Drew House (the castle house.) He suggested we present a proposal it in writing.
4. We discussed with Councilman Lumb the importance of historic preservation and how it can be accomplished in Jacksonville.
5. We discussed with Councilman Lumb our concerns about Councilwoman Lee’s and Councilman Jones’ ordinance revision around the possible demolition of structurally sound homes that were boarded for two years, as well as the implications for owners who could not meet the 60 day mothballing requirement.
6. Mr. Foster update. We raised approximately $2100 ($1700 plus an in-kind donation of $500 in paint from St. Mary's) Of that, we have $200 in checks still to be deposited.
7. Kenneth's update. Have drawings for work to be completed.
8. Our board meetings are online; place minutes on our website
9. Keep our forum updated as well for the public, possibly move some items over to website
10. Need member/everyone welcome event/activity/meeting, something in July.
11. Look to have quarterly/seasonal or twice yearly meetings for everyone at St. Mary's.
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